Eddie Hall Books

Eddie has written 2 paperback books and a series of mini eBooks. He has also ghost written a number of other eBooks. As well as this, Eddie is an acclaimed karting journalist and has written for various karting and motor racing publications including Karting Magazine, Club100, Vroom, Easykart and Motorsport News.

Let me just say

Let Me Just Say

Eddie Hall's one-man crusade against the forces of stupidity continues in the second journal from the UK's youngest grumpy old man. In this book, Eddie tries to uncover the answer to important worldly questions like why cinema seats are designed to paralyse people from the waist down, as well as offer useful insights; like how not going to the gym could reverse global warming and why no man will ever understand what a woman is talking about.

Like his first book, this is a collection of satirical articles designed to amuse and offend in equal measures. Warning: This book contains sarcastic material. Do not read if you suffer from any of the following conditions: A sense of humour deficiency, Humourphobia, Easilyoffendeditis or Americanitis.

£5.99 + £1.80 postage

A Certain Point of View paperback

A Certain Point of View

Being a web designer, racing driver and generally grumpy individual, Eddie Hall has an opinion on most subject matters and would like to get on his soapbox and offer an explanation on subjects like why going to school is bad for your education, why people who drive a Nissan Micra should be locked up, why celebrities will be the death of the human race and many other unanswerable questions.

During the course of ranting about anything and everything, Eddie tries to unravel the mystery behind why the world is such a confusing and frustrating place to live. The contents of this book contain opinions that most people share but few are prepared to admit. You will either find this book amusing or offensive. Either is fine by Eddie!

£5.99 + £1.75 postage

Thinking Out Loud ebook

Thinking Out Loud (e-Book)

Generally speaking, the world is full of idiots. Politicians are idiots, religious people are idiots, business people are idiots, customers are idiots, publishers are idiots, people who write books complaining about idiots are idiots.

Unfortunately there is very little that can be done to stop the growing idiot crisis, other than committing unspeakable acts that would result in a lengthy prison sentence. Knowing I'm far too pretty to survive in jail, all I can do is rant about the stupidity of everyday life and perhaps offer some sage opinions on common issues that people in a position of power seem incapable of doing.


Have I Lost My Marbles ebook

Have I Lost My Marbles? (e-Book)

Eddie Hall returns with a mini eBook of rants. In this book, Eddie asks many more thought-provoking questions like why opticians insist on inventing new ways of humiliating people as well as offering more insightful opinions like how to avoid getting shot in South African toilets and how the human race is a bit like herpes.

The Lost Rants contains a small number of the articles written after the release of the last mainstream book. Since no more full length books are scheduled it seemed a shame not to share these dour opinionated views with the world, so here they are...


Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business (e-Book)

Everybody knows that the commercial world is largely run by fat incompetents with coffee breath. Well, having been in business for well over a decade, I would like to get on my soapbox and make a point or two.

As well as attempting to unravel the mystery behind the fascination with board meetings and the even greater mystery of why all consultants have such small genitalia, in this book I will also explain more important things like why Ronald McDonald should run for president and how defecating regularly can solve the problem of junk mail.


Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth (e-Book)

The motor industry is largely a bit stupid. Vehicle manufacturers are more incestuous than the State of Alabama and the world of Formula 1 is even worse. Obviously as an experienced Karting driver and journalist, I am in no way qualified to whinge about such things so I hope you'll be utterly disgusted if I give it a go.

In this book I explain how explosives and corporal punishment could improve the show in Formula 1 as well as try to solve closer-to-home problems like why so many morons clog up our roads, hog the middle lane on motorways and drive everywhere at 40mph.